Product Groups


- Make-up materials and accessories
- Natural cosmetics and accessories
- Dermocosmetic products and accessories

Beauty Salon Products and Equipment

- Solarium Devices
- Hair removal products and devices
- Body care products and equipment
- Skin care and anti-aging products and devices
- Spa, massage, and wellness products and equipment
- Hair transplant and care and dye products and equipment. All kinds of products, furniture and equipment for hairdressing salons.

Personal Care Products​

- Perfume, deodorant and essence
- Skin care products and devices
- Body care products and devices
- Hair care products and devices
- Nail care products and manicure tools

Aesthetic Products and Equipment​

- Medical aesthetic products and equipment
- Aesthetic and beauty centers
- Aesthetic and beauty salon equipment and furniture
- Slimming slimming products and equipment